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India is "the elsewhere ", a world that seems ancient. A great country complex and extraordinary. A kaleidoscope of a thousand sensations experienced at every moment of your journey.      
la tana della tigre bhutan

Bhutan, a spectacular natural beauty and a pristine environment that is home to majestic Buddhist testimonies. A country rich in nature, culture and spirit.

le bianche spiagge delle andamene

These over 500 magnificent islands of the Indian Ocean, most uninhabited, are still preserved from mass tourism..

paesaggio bhutanese


In the shadow of Everest this country shines with a myriad of treasures, national parks, vibrant cities full of art and culture, authentic villages custodians of ancient traditions and spirituality. 

tempio buddista in sri lanka


Landscapes spangled with ancient villages, majestic Buddhist temples and archaeological evidence, in a beautiful nature with a magnificent Maldivian sea.



lago di manasarovar in tibet


An unforgettable journey on the pristine "roof of the world" which extend between the superb and snowy Himalayan peaks