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la festa di Hornibil

Hornibil Festival (North East India) 

from 01 to 10 December 2021

Northeast India, also called the land of the seven sisters, is a virgin, wild and uncontaminated place by the modernization that has involved the rest of the world. During this trip you will be able to get in touch with the extraordinary richness and ethnic diversity of these places, the folkloristic beliefs and traditions, still carried on today, as a strong symbol of identity, by the many tribes that live in these hills. The difficult connections with the rest of the country have preserved this region from strong industrial contamination and have allowed these populations to keep their natural habitats preserved, living in contact with still wild nature and allowing them to breathe clean air again. This journey will take you to the discovery of two of the seven sisters: Assam and Nagaland. The state of Assam, crossed by the powerful Brahmaputra River that creates breathtaking landscapes as it passes, is world famous for its tea, its oil and petroleum resources, miga silk and a very rich biodiversity. The monsoon period blesses this land with very heavy rains and allows the verdant expanses to thrive. The mountainous state of Nagaland with about sixteen different Naga tribes, each with different cultures, traditions and languages ​​is a land of festivals and folklore celebrated by centuries of traditions. Here, every year, the famous Hornbill festival is held, where tribes are celebrated for about a week and represents one of the largest tourist events in the area.









Hornibil festival

02 December 2021: Arrive in Delhi

Arrival at Delhi airport, meeting with our staff. Transfer to the hotel. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

03 December : Delhi / Guwahati (by flight) Guwahati - Kaziranga (km 200 - approx 04 hrs)

Breakfast and transfer to the airport for boarding the Guwahati flight. Upon arrival, departure for the Kazaringa National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and famous for its one-horned rhino inside. Arrival and check-in at the hotel.

04 December : Kaziranga National Park 

In the early morning elephant safari, the best way to get closer to the spectacle and the charm of the wonderful life of the park. Return to the resort for breakfast. After breakfast, visit the orchid center of Kazaringa. In the afternoon jeep safari in the central part of the park. Return at sunset.

05 December : Kaziranga National Park - Kohima ( km. 75 - approx 03 hrs)

After breakfast departure for Kohima, the capital of the state of Nagaland and home of the Angami tribe. Upon arrival, check-in at the hotel. The picturesque town of Kohima is the land of the brave and daring, yet harmless and genuine Naga tribe. Wrapped in the eastern Himalayan range, Kohima is characterized by absolute tranquility, a calm and serene atmosphere and fresh and pristine air that gives a warm welcome to the man exhausted by the fast pace of the city. A typical Naga city that represents the exotic tribal culture of the north east and offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. In the evening visit the local market of Kohima.​

06 December: Kohima - Hornibill festival

After breakfast, visit Kisama, a village considered a national heritage of Nagaland, about 12 km away from Kohima, to attend the opening ceremony of the Hornbill festival. It was in 2000 that the government of Nagaland, eager to promote activities aimed at the growth of tourism in the territory, decided to undertake this ambitious project to use the cultural resources at its disposal, through a festival lasting about a week which coincides with the celebration of the day. Nagaland National Day, December 1. Thus was born the Hornbill festival whose name is intended to be a celebration of the bird that symbolizes the spirit of unity in diversity. Today this festival has become one of the most important moments of celebration of the indigenous warriors of Nagaland, in which thousands of tourists from all over the world participate. Although modernity has overwhelmed the lives of these populations, the cultural bond of their rich tradition remains alive and strong and is staged over the ten days of the festival through cultural performances, dance and sports competitions. Return to Kohima.

07 December: Kohima - escursion to Khonoma 

After breakfast visit the Hornbill festival (as per program). Excursion to Khonoma, the green village of the warrior tribe of the Angami, known for its battles with England and for its dominant role in the struggles to claim the freedom of the Nagas. In recent years Khonoma has become famous for its community-based conservation projects and ecotourism initiatives. Return to Kohima.


08 December: Kohima - Touphema (Km. 207 - approx 5 hrs)

After breakfast departure for Touphema. On the way, visit the National Museum of the Second World War. Upon arrival, accommodation in the lodge. Here we will explore the local villages of the Angami tribes.

09 December: Touphema - Mokokchung (km. 110 - approx 4 hrs)

After breakfast, departure for Mokokchung, one of the first cities in the region to be founded by the British. Upon arrival, visit some local villages inhabited by the Ao Nagas tribe. Afterwards visit the museum complex of art and culture of the village. This museum features a rich collection of Ao Nagas tribe manufactures such as shields, capes, swords, clothes, accessories, jewelry and much more. Check-in at the hotel.

10 December: Mokokchung - Johrat ( km. 135 - approx 4 hrs)

After breakfast departure for Jhorat. On the way visit some local villages. Upon arrival, check-in at the hotel. Stroll through the local Jorhat market.

11 December: Johrat / Mon (Km. 180 - approx 6-7 hrs)

Breakfast and departure for Mon, the land of the Konyaks tribes, famous for being skilled headhunters. Upon arrival, check-in at the hotel. During the afternoon, a visit to discover the village to meet the population up close.


12 December: Mon

After breakfast, visit the villages of the Konyak tribes. Visit their homes and meet with the population to learn more about their culture. Then excursion to Lungwa village (about 35km one way), half of which is in Myanmar. Here you can admire local crafts and war trophies.


13 December: Mon / Dibrugarh ( km. 170 - approx 6 o 7 hrs)

After breakfast check-out from the hotel and drive to Dibrugarh. Check-in at the hotel upon arrival. If the weather permits, visit the nearby tea garden.

14 December: Dibrugarh / Delhi (by flight)

After breakfast, transfer to the airport for boarding the flight to Delhi. On arrival, transfers to the hotel.


15 December: Depart from Delhi 

Breakfast and transfers to the airport for boarding the flight to return home.

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