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Respect for cultures and nature

We wanted to call ourselves PassoinIndia ( mean StepinIndia) because we believe that a step is the beginning of a journey, just like a journey is a beginning of knowledge and life. We like to take you on unusual terrain but also the steps on beaten paths offer emotions and each is its own, differently profound, differently lived, otherwise experience. The same journey is different depending on who lives it and depends, in addition to the destination, on the person. Therefore any journey can open new paths.


We wanted to call ourselves PassoinIndia because we believe that a step is the beginning of a journey towards respect for other cultures to appreciate the extraordinary nature that is so unique. The skin of each one, of every color, is a shell of feelings, culture and tradition. We believe that a step is the beginning of a journey that takes meaning from the context in which the trip takes place and from the sign that others leave in us and we leave them and in the places visited. The countries we offer enjoy a particular cultural and environmental beauty.


This is the meaning of the journey. To return having learned the encounter with the other and the full and unconditional respect for the environment.


Responsible and sustainable tourism? No matter the label, you find your way, smile to those you meet, respect silence if there is silence, accept the sacredness and meaning of others' prayer. Be aware of the place where you are, settle in, adapt, give yourself time. Do not devour your journey, enjoy it slowly, let it descend inside yourself so that it can really improve you.

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