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   Sources of Ganges

The Gangotri glacier which is located at a height of 4255 meters, measures 24 x 08 km. and starts from the group of snow-capped peaks Chaukhamba up to Gaumukh (almost 18 Km. From Gangotri), where the sacred river Ganges is born. Legend has it that a shepherd discovered this place while looking for his lost sheep. The name Gaumukh derives from gau, cow, and mukh, mouth because it seems that in the distant past it resembled the mouth of a cow even if today it is no longer the case. From Gangotri we move along the beaten path towards the tree line from where we can admire the top of Bhagirathi. Then, the land becomes truly desolate and barren; therefore, it has been referred to as the peak of the Arctic Tundra by many hikers. We reach Gaumukh and, with a detour to Nandavan, we can take a first look at the Shilvling peak. Nandavan is located at the base of the Bhagirathi group of peaks and can be reached after crossing the Gangotri glacier. It is an alpine meadow lying in the shade of the Bhagirathi peaks.

Day 01: Arrive in Delhi

Upon arrival at the airport in Delhi, meeting with our staff for presentations. Later transfer to the hotel. Continue to New Delhi to the district of the government buildings which represent the largest liberal democracy in the world. Stop at India Gate. the arch erected in memory of the Indian soldiers who left their lives fighting for the British army during the First World War. Visit the Qutub Minar complex, a 73 meters high tower, engraved with verses from the Koran, built in 1193 by Qutab-ud-din Aibak, which is one of the most beautiful monuments in India. At the end visit the Sikh Temple, the most important place of worship of the Sikhs in Delhi.

Day 02: Delhi / Haridwar (by train)

After breakfast, transfer to the station and departure for Haridwar by Shatabdhi Express train. At the arrival station, meeting with our staff and transfer to the hotel. Haridwar is the gateway to the Himalayas and the point where the Ganges descends from the Himalayas to begin its journey across the plains. Legend has it that the Holy Ganga, the holiest of all rivers, which flows through this sacred city, was sanctified by the mighty trinity of Hindu mythology. The place is enchanting, surrounded by lush green forests. Here is still followed the Gurukula, a type of education system from ancient India where students live alongside their gurus. There are a huge number of Ashrams and Dharmashalas. Everything contributes to giving the city a truly unique charm. Visit of the city and its temples such as the Mansa Devi temple, the steps that go down to the river (ghat). Tour in the old part of the city using the typical rikshaw. In the evening, we witness the famous ceremony of aarti at the ghat on the Ganges.


Day 03: Hardiwar / Uttarkashi (165 km.  5 hrs ) - Alt: 1158 m.

In the morning departure by car to Uttarkashi. Upon arrival in Uttarkashi, hotel accommodation. In the evening visit the Kashi Vishwanath temple. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 04: Uttarkashi / Gangotri (100 Kms. - 4 hrs) - Alt: 3048 m. & Gangotri / Chirbasa (Trekking 07 Km. Alt: 3600 m.)

Early in the morning departure by car to Gangotri, from where the trek to Chirbasa begins. It's a 07 km trek. leading to the campsite where we will spend the night. Chirbasa is surrounded by pine trees (locally called Chir) from which the place takes its name. Overnight camping in Chirbasa.

Day 05: Chirbasa / Bhojbasa  (Trekking 07 km.  Alt: 3892 m. )

In the morning we continue the trek to Bhojbasa. The area gets its name from the Bhoj leaves which were used as writing paper in ancient times. After some rest, we proceed with a hike to Gaumukh. Overnight is at Bhojbasa campsite.

Day 06: Bhojbasa / Gaumukh / Tapovan  ( Trekking 12 km. Alt: 4460 m. )

Early in the morning the trek to Gaumukh begins, where the source of the Ganges is located and seeing it is a truly exciting experience. Continuation of the trek to Tapovan, a spectacular high altitude meadow located at the base of Shivling Peak and one of the most beautiful places in the region. Overnight at the campsite in Tapovan, guarded from the top of Shivling. 


Day 07: Tapovan

Today is a day dedicated to rest in this wonderful place to enjoy the wonderful Himalayan landscape. Exploration of the vicinity of Tapovan. Overnight at Tapovan camp.

Day 08:  Tapovan / Chirbasa (Trekking 17 km. Alt: 3792 m.)

After breakfast, day dedicated to trekking to Chirbasa. Overnight at Chirbasa campsite.

Day 09: Chirbasa / Gangotri ( Trekking 07 km. Alt: 3048 m.) & Gangotri / Uttarkashi ( 100 km. approx 04 hrs)

In the morning trekking to Gangotri and drive to Uttarkashi. Overnight at the Hotel in Uttarkashi.

Day 10: Uttarkashi / Rishikesh (Km. 240 approx 6 hrs )

In the morning departure by car to Rishikesh. Upon arrival, hotel accommodation. In the evening, visit of Rishikesh followed by the Aarti ceremony at the Parmarth Ashram. Rishikesh is the base of the Himalaya Garhwal. Surrounded by the Shivalik hills of the Himalayas on three sides, Rishikesh is known as the Yoga Capital of the World. Rishikesh is an ideal destination not only for pilgrims but also for those who wish to delve into meditation, yoga and other aspects of Hinduism or to breathe some spirituality. Compared to Haridwar, Rishikesh is quieter and offers some of the best places for meditation. A number of Ashrams (hermitages) offer yoga and meditation classes. Some come to Rishikesh to learn the ways of the mystics, while others come here to discover their inner selves. Rishikesh is also known as an important center for treatments according to ancient natural methods and Ayurveda for difficult to treat ailments and stress induced problems. The international yoga week held here every year (February 2-7) on the banks of the Ganges River attracts people from all over the world. Overnight at the hotel in Rishikesh.

Day 11: Rishikesh / Haridwar & Haridwar / New Delhi  (by train)

After breakfast, visit the Rishikesh. In the afternoon transfer to Haridwar station and departure for Delhi by Shatabdhi Express train. At the arrival station, meeting with our staff and transfer to the hotel. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 12: Depart from Delhi

Breakfast and transfer to the airport for boarding the flight to Italy.

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