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Kuri Pass - Trek of Lord Curzon

The Kuari pass is among the best in the Himalayan region of Garhwal, in Uttarakhand, north India. The trail was first traced by Lord Curzon in 1905 and has since been known as the "Curzon Trail". This trek takes you through lush green meadows, virgin forests and remote villages. The sight of peaks such as Nanda Devi, Kamet, Dronagiri and Hathi-Ghodi Parvat is the reward that awaits the trekker at the top of this pass. The maximum height reached during the trekking route is 4200 m.s.l.m. (the crest that connects to the Kuari pass) and the trek is generally not very difficult.

Day 01: Arrival in Delhi

Upon arrival at the airport in Delhi, meeting with our staff for presentations. Later transfer to the hotel. Overnight at Hotel.


Day 02: Delhi - Haridwar (train) and Haridwar - Rishikesh (25 Km. - approx. 01 hrs) Alt: 340 mt.

Breakfast and transfer to the station to take the train to Haridwar. Upon arrival in Haridwar, meeting with our staff and departure for Rishikesh. Upon arrival, hotel accommodation. In the evening, we will witness the evening “Aarti” ceremony at the ghat on the Ganges near the Parmarth Niketan Ashram. Overnight at Hotel.


Day 03: Rishikesh - Rudaraprayag (145 Km. - approx. 05 hrs) Alt: 610 mt.

After breakfast, departure by car to Rudraprayag. Along the way stop to visit Devprayag, a charming village which is one of the Panch Prayag (the five sacred confluences) where the Alaknanda River joins the Bhagirathi taking both the name of Ganga or the Ganges. Upon arrival in Rudraprayag, hotel accommodation. Overnight at the hotel in Rudraprayag.

Day 04: Rudaraprayag - Chefna (60 Km. - appox. 2.5 hrs)  Alt: 1900 mt. & Chefna – Ghunni (trekking 07 Km.)  Alt: 1982 mt   

After breakfast, departure by car to Chefna, from which we proceed with an easy walk followed by a steep climb that leads to the village of Ghunni. This route takes us through delightful villages where many social rituals and annual events are still intimately linked to the cult of the "mother goddess". Almost every stone, tree and hilltop seems to have a spiritual meaning associated with it and a sense of timelessness prevails. This is the heart of the goddess Nanda where the Nandakini River is worshiped as the river of the mountain goddess. Upon arrival in Ghunni, accommodation in camping for overnight.

Day 05: Ghunni – Semkharak (trekking 10 Km.) Alt: 2121 mt

After breakfast, early in the morning, the trek to Sem Kharak begins. A steady climb through the forest takes us to the top of a ridge known as the Ramni Pass (3215 masl.) With a view of the Kuari Pass which we will cross in a few days. It is an ancient forest with splendid specimens of gnarled oak, holly, chestnut and rhododendron emerging from a thick carpet of pink and white peonies in bloom (depending on the season in which you proceed). Overnight camping in Sem Kharak.

Day 06: Semkharak - Pana (trekking 14 Km.) Alt: 2286 mt

After breakfast we continue through dense forest to the village of Jhenji (1524 masl.) From where a steep descent takes us down into the wild Birahi Ganga, a river that has caused Shipton and Tilman a lot of frustration during their explorations. The bridge, then practicing a tree trunk, was often destroyed by the water forcing dangerous replacements. Thankfully, the river is now crossed by an impressive suspension bridge built in the postwar period. A steep climb follows a zigzag path up the bare and eroded hill. As you go up you see the remains of Lake Gohna. In 1893 a large clayey landslide dammed the Birahi Ganga, thus creating a huge lake. The following year, monsoon rains broke the dam and caused a catastrophic flood all the way to Srinagar. After lunch, a nice walk through woods and pastures takes us to Pana, the last village before the pass. After the village we set up camp. Overnight at the campsite in Pana.

Day 07: Pana – Dhakwani (trekking 10 Kms.) Alt: 3341 mt

After breakfast, we head to the base of Kuari Pass, crossing the last of the bugyals. In the Himalayas, bugyals are alpine meadows at high altitudes whose name means "gardens of nature". A steep and sometimes slippery descent takes us to the Pal Gadhera stream and this is immediately followed by a steep climb through the wild forest. We are following an ancient trade route that connected the southern Garhwal valleys with Tibet. Goats and sheep transported the grain from here, through the Kuari and Niti passes, to Tibet, and returned carrying salt and borax. The afternoon is dedicated to relaxation in Dhakwani (3210 masl), a small pasture at the foot of the Kuari pass. Overnight in camping in Dhakwani.

Day 08: Dhakwani – Khulara (trekking 09 Km.) Alt: 3225 mt   

After breakfast, depart early in the morning for the Kuari Pass to enjoy the splendors of sunrise over the Great Himalayas. The climb, which takes about two hours, follows a zigzag path up the pass (3658 masl.) But the most impressive views are obtained from a further point along the Kuari ridge at 4268 masl. Here, on the rift between the center and the Great Himalayas, the snow-capped peaks extend in a seemingly infinite arc, thus forming the border with Tibet. Some of the main visible peaks are: Kamet (7757 masl.), Choukhamba (7138 masl.), Dunagiri (7066 masl.) And Changabang (6863 masl.), Nilkanth (6600 msl.), Hathi Parvat, from the elephant hole, (6727mslm.) And of course the Nanda Devi (7817mslm.) And many others. After enjoying this superb panorama, we descend a little from the main ridge to the camp at about 280m. under the step. From this beautiful place we can, if the day is clear, enjoy the sunset over the mountains as a perfect end to the day. Overnight at Khulara campsite.

Day 09: Khulara  Alt: 3225 mt

Breakfast. Today is a day of rest in this beautiful location. You can take an excursion to Pangarchula (4575 masl at a distance of 5 km. From Khulara). Overnight at Khulara campsite.

Day 10: Khulara – Auli (trek 13 Km.)  Alt: 2750 mt   

Breakfast and start of our last day of this magnificent trek as we follow a long winding path downhill to the Auli road. The walk is narrow in places but pleasant as we descend through ancient meadows and woods with glimpses of the Himalayas in the distance. At the lower altitudes, village life returns and from here a good path leads us to Auli, a ski resort. Overnight in Auli campsite.

Day 11: Auli – Rudraprayag (140 Km. - approx 5 hrs) Alt: 610 mt

Breakfast. After a relaxing morning, departure for Rudraprayag. Upon arrival, hotel accommodation. Overnight at the hotel in Rudraprayag.

Day 12: Rudraprayag – Haridwar (160 Km. - approx 5 hrs) & Haridwar – Delhi (by train)

Breakfast and departure for Haridwar. Upon arrival in Haridwar, visit the city of Haridwar and transfer to Haridwar station to take the Shatabdi Express to Delhi (leaves at 6.45 pm and arrives in Delhi at 11.10 pm). Upon arrival in Delhi, transfer to the hotel. Overnight at Hotel.


Day 13: Depart from Delhi 

Breakfast and transfer to the airport for boarding the flight to Italy.

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